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CDI Health provides customized dialysis management solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique clinical needs.

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CDI Health is the new standard for onsite dialysis partnerships.

Hospitals are often relegated to traditional dialysis service offerings that are prone to fall short of clinical and business needs.

Meanwhile, Skilled Nursing Facilities find it challenging to deliver optimal care for their residents requiring dialysis due to the delivery of care that has traditionally been available.

CDI Health was built to address these shortcomings and offers customized dialysis solutions to Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities that are outcome driven and value centric.

Hospital Services

Hospitals and Health Systems should be given full transparency when evaluating a dialysis vendor’s practices as it relates to quality, staffing coverage, and pricing strategy. CDI Health partnership presents a level of visibility that empowers Hospitals and Health Systems to regain control over operational matters that pertain to onsite dialysis management.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities often have limited to non-existent options when it comes to onsite dialysis services that are truly a best fit for their patient care routines. A partnership with CDI Health offers onsite dialysis service options that positively boost patient experience and clinical outcomes in an economically viable manner.
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"CDI provides a healthcare environment that encourages employee growth and prioritizes patient care."
Jo Kennedy, Clinical Nurse Manager
“…working with CDI Health for me has been an ongoing positive change. We have such a supportive team of Executives and I am truly blessed to be a part of this growing company!”
Trista Sandlin, Talent Acquisition Manager

“CDI consists of the most supportive, caring, and committed team to work with.  From the very beginning they have defined the meaning of a dedicated and loyal company that values all of their employees.”
Heather Marr, Clinical Nurse Manager
“I have worked as a dialysis nurse for 25 plus years and never have I witnessed such Integrity and Reverence of a company.  CDI, thank you for letting me be part of the team.”
Deborah Van Buskirk, RN