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About Us

CDI Health (CDI) was founded upon the principle of improving the standard of on-site dialysis care for the underserved and overlooked patient population. Intentional in its efforts of achieving its vision CDI has specifically chosen to partner with Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospital Services to provide customized dialysis management services with a promise of seamless implementation.


CDI’s highly experienced team provides creative customized solutions for unique dialysis needs in the most difficult of clinical settings. We pair these solutions with agility and responsiveness to ensure quality care to every patient and unmatched service to every partner.


Our vision is to be the preeminent provider of dialysis services in the most difficult and specialized of clinical settings while continuously improving the standard of care for often overlooked demographics.

“Administrators and patients in atypical clinical settings have suffered far too long from a lack of provider options, inflexible and unresponsive dialysis providers, and endless price hikes and fees. We want to shift the paradigm by creating customized dialysis solutions that empower our partners with more control, more transparency, and a newfound sense of relief knowing that they no longer have just a dialysis services provider but a dialysis services partner.”

Jason Combs, President and CEO

Built to Address the Needs of the Clinically Complex

CDI Health, while a newly formed entity, is backed by over three decades of dialysis experience. CDI was originally formed as an off-shoot of CharDonnay Dialysis (CharDonnay), one of the largest, longest standing, and most accomplished providers of on-site correctional dialysis services in the United States, with the purpose of replicating its highly successful service model in non-correctional settings.  
In early 2019 this business segment was carved out of CharDonnay as a separate stand-alone entity that became CDI Health. Since its inception, CDI has gone on to expand its executive team to include some of the industry’s most skilled and experienced leaders in an effort to bring industry leading services to all of our clients.
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Our Team

CDI Health set out to leverage the expertise of CharDonnay and a leadership team that had benefited from decades of providing creative clinical solutions to highly unique dialysis problems presented in the most difficult of settings. CDI is now able to offer these tried and true operating methodologies to similarly unique non-correctional settings by incorporating the most relevant aspects of CharDonnay’s model.
This allows CDI to offer its partners creative, customized solutions that will help them take back control of their dialysis unit, improve their finances, and most importantly ensure safe and consistent care of their patients. We are here to redefine the standard by which on-site dialysis services are provided in the most clinically complex settings because we know that our partners and their patients deserve better.
We are problem S.O.L.V.E.R.S. We founded this company on the tenet of putting the service of others first and of practicing this mantra from the top down.
Service Oriented
Our managers actively seek to serve their staff, which enables our nation-wide network of teams to more effectively serve our patients, our clients, and each other.
Outcome Focused
We consistently exceed benchmark clinical outcomes in the most challenging settings.
We go above and beyond in our commitments to not only our clients but also our own staff in order to build strong, long-lasting relationships internally and externally.
Value Centric
We make fiscally prudent decisions at all organizational levels, which lends itself to savings that we proudly pass on to our clients.
We strive to identify opportunities to assist others, and ultimately put the needs of our fellow staff and co-workers before our own in order to foster a tight-knit and familial work environment.
We deploy decisiveness and operational agility while catering to the time-sensitive needs of our clients.
We strictly enforce the practice of stringent safety standards in order to protect our patients, our staff, and our clients.