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Hospital Dialysis Management Services

An Innovative Approach to Dialysis Management
CDI Health has developed outcome driven dialysis management services that focuses on value centric offerings intent on alleviating the financial and operational burden of Hospitals and Health Systems. A partnership with CDI Health is here to provide the transparency needed in order for its partner to maintain control over matters such as quality, staffing coverage, costs, and communication.

Who can benefit from CDI Health’s Acute Offerings?

  • Large Metropolitan Hospitals with over 500 beds
  • Medium Sized Regional Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Rural & Community Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Independent Hospitals & System Hospitals
Hospital Services Collaborative Care
This is our "differentiator" model in which CDI provides the full suite of services with the exception of clinical staff, which the hospital provides.
  • All Services provided under Essential Care
  • Clinical Quality Oversight
  • Training Support
  • And More
Full List of Services
Enables Hospital to meet regulatory compliance standards
High level of communication and collaboration
A trained Acute Dialysis Quality Nurse in your corner
Hospital Services Essential Care
This service offering bridges the gap between clinical dialysis and biomedical operations.
  • Biomedical Oversight
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • And More
Full List of Services
Hospital retains greater control
Adds services that the Hospital may not have available internally