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Customized Dialysis Management Solutions

CDI offers complete customized solutions for Hospitals, Health Systems & Skilled Nursing Facilities
It is widely known that Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities across the country that outsource their dialysis services have experienced decreasing levels of quality, poor service and response times, while simultaneously being subjected to increasing costs by large dialysis providers.  These issues have left many healthcare facilities asking why they bother with a dialysis program at all.
Nursing homes have had to either deny higher acuity patients such as non-ambulatory dialysis patients, or have admitted dialysis patients only to find it challenging to deliver the non-dialysis related care due to the arduous process of coordinating the travel to and from a dialysis center multiple times per week.

Hospital Services

Hospitals & Health Systems
CDI Health offers customized assisted insourcing solutions for hospitals that challenge the standard dialysis service model in an effort to make on-site dialysis attainable & sustainable for all.

Benefits of Working with CDI Health Regardless of your Current Dialysis Offerings.

For hospitals who currently outsource their dialysis program:

  • Reduce cost of program by not paying marked up rates for dialysis clinical staff
  • Gain a dialysis partner whose focus is acute care
  • Reduce switching cost.  Often hospitals switch dialysis providers every 3-5 years hoping for something different but finding the same issues 
  • Price transparency - rather than getting “nickel and dimed” by an onslaught of ancillary fees, have a simple and predictable bundled payment
  • Gain control of your program

For hospitals considering their first ever on-site dialysis program:

  • Improve health outcomes for your patients by preventing delays in treatment related to transfer to another facility
  • Improve community access to critical services
  • More efficiently utilize clinical staff by cross-training & floating dialysis trained staff
  • Add additional revenue sources for a wide variety of dialysis therapy options
  • Reduce your cost per treatment, compared to procuring supplies on your own, by leveraging CDI Health’s purchasing power
  • Avoid capital expenditures associated with purchasing expensive dialysis equipment
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Skilled Nursing Facility Services

SNF 360
The “turn-key” version of the service offering, which includes a full suite of services needed to implement and operate onsite home hemodialysis.
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SNF Essentials
Similar to SNF 360 version, but allows the option for the SNF to provide staff-assist/caregiver support.
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