CDI services

Customized Dialysis Management Solutions

CDI offers complete customized solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems (both short and long term), as well as Skilled Nursing Facilities.
It is widely known that Hospitals and other healthcare centers such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, which outsource services have varying degrees of success for those services. Hospitals across the country that outsource dialysis services have experienced decreasing levels of quality while being subjected to increasing costs by the dialysis provider.
Nursing homes have had to either deny higher acuity patients such as non-ambulatory dialysis patients, or have admitted dialysis patients only to find it challenging to deliver the non-dialysis related care due to the arduous process of coordinating the travel to and from a dialysis center multiple times per week.

Skilled Nursing Facility Services

SNF 360
The “turn-key” version of the service offering, which includes a full suite of services needed to implement and operate onsite home hemodialysis.
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SNF Essentials
Similar to SNF 360 version, but allows the option for the SNF to provide staff-assist/caregiver support.
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Hospital Services

Hospitals & Health Systems
This is our “differentiator” model in which CDI provides services with the exception of labor, which the Hospital provides.
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Hospital Essentials
This service offering is a custom-tailored solution based on the needs of the hospital. It may include Biomedical Services, Clinical Education & Consultation, or other services the Hospital may need.
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